Ford Ranger Make It Run Timing Belt Season 2 The American Garage

The Ford Ranger project kicks off Season 2 of The American Garage! Steve picked up the non- running Ranger off Craigslist for a song, with the intention of fixing it up right before your eyes. Also, Steve needed a truck around for all those project runs to the hardware store. This first episode in Season 2 covers the troubleshooting and getting the truck running. The major problem was that it had the wrong timing belt, and several other things were monkeyed with, so Steve figures out what is out of place, what is broken or missing, and putting it all back right. Basically, after the timing belt was sorted out, it was really a heavy duty tune up, and the truck was running again. However, there were many problems that came up after it was running, so it was not all as simple as getting her running again. At this point, we referred to the truck as the 'danger Ranger' -because who knew what would go wrong next! Stick with Steve through the process of making the 'danger Ranger' the reliable 'Ranger Girl'. Related videos-