Great Grandmother Meets Premature Great Grandson On Birthday After NICU

A great grandma is surprised with her “birthday gift” as she meets her great grandson who was born prematurely for the first time after leaving the NICU. When Olivia Salza discovered that her baby was due on grandmother Sophie Cashavelly's 89th birthday, she thought it would be a great idea to celebrate them both together. However, Olivia’s son Ryan was born five weeks early and had to move into NICU which meant the family had to cancel their joint celebration plans. But on August 16, when Olivia went to her grandma's for their weekly catch-up in Trumbull, Connecticut, Sophie didn’t realize Olivia wouldn’t be arriving alone. As she walked into her grandma’s house her husband holding Ryan was just behind her, allowing her to capture Sophie’s reaction on camera. Sophie bolted upright in disbelief as she saw the family walk in and became emotional as she looked at her great-grandson for the first time. For the rest of the day, Sophie cradled and couldn’t take her eyes off her great-grandson calling him the best gift anyone could wish for.