Sausage Dog Who Was Lonely After Owners' Move Gets Surprised With New Friend | Happily TV

A sausage dog who became lonely after moving with her family to a new state was given a beautiful surprise when she was greeted by a new puppy pal. Five-year-old mini dachshund Cambria had many friends to play with at her owners' previous home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but after their move to Aurora, Colorado, they began noticing a change in her personality. Alisha Scott, 25, said she and husband Jaden couldn’t take Cambria to dog parks around their new home in Aurora, and could see the move was making her feel lonely. Though Alisha worked from home, she noticed Cambria sitting glumly on her pillow, and, at times, howling on their security cameras when no-one was around. So, one day, Alisha started looking into finding a friend for Cambria, and fell for a mini dachshund puppy called Cozy.