Sisters Have Wholesome Reaction To Discovering Newborn Baby Sibling Is A Boy

A pair of sisters have gone viral after their parents shared a video of their tear-filled reaction to discovering they now have the baby brother they have always dreamed of. The clip of Taylor Friend, 12, and Kinsley Friend, 10, received more than 10 million views online, thanks to their wholesome reactions. In the video, Taylor and Kinsley can be seen walking into their mom’s hospital ward in Flint, Michigan, with Taylor wearing a t-shirt saying, “Big sister again,” while Kinsley’s read, “Big sister finally.” For the past six years, the pair have been hoping for another sibling - specifically a boy. They approached mom Megan, 37, from Owosso, Michigan, who was holding the newborn in her arms, wrapped in a blanket. At that moment, the girls saw he was wearing a specially-made t-shirt, which read: “H is for Hank.” Knowing this was a boy's name, as soon as the girls laid eyes on the t-shirt, they immediately spun around in shock, their hands instinctively going over their mouths. Megan's husband captured the wholesome moment on video on August 20, and she later shared it on her social media channels, never expecting the footage to gain such a viral response.