Man Uses Drone To Locate And Rescue Dog Missing For 10 Days

A professional videographer who read a missing dog post online 10 days after a Golden Retriever first went missing headed into the forest and incredibly managed to track down and rescue the pooch using his drone. Many in the small town of Andes, New York, had given up hope of ever finding Meadow, a white Golden Retriever who had gone missing on November 11. Gary and Debbie Morgan, from Ohio, had given Meadow to their family members, Carole and Bill, as the elderly Andes couple had hoped the one-year-old dog would give them some companionship. But Meadow never made it into her new home. After making the roughly nine-hour journey with Carole and Bill, Meadow broke away from the couple while they were unpacking their car, bolting into the nearby forest and taking her leash with her. More than a week's worth of searching from the town's residents failed to find Meadow - and by the second weekend, many had lost hope of ever finding her. Gary even paid a visit, hoping Meadow would recognize his voice, but to no avail. But on Saturday, November 21 - 10 days after Meadow first went missing - local videographer Brian Afflixio, 28, came across Meadow's story on Reddit. Brian, who is very active in the Catskills community's postings on the forum, noticed the missing dog posted on the forum, and, after his morning hike, decided to head to Carole and Bill's house - a roughly 90-minute drive. When he arrived, Carole and Bill were out, but a neighbor had confirmed to Brian that Meadow was still missing. The videographer then headed back down the road, where pulled over and took out his drone. After around 15 minutes into the flight over thick woodland, Brian saw a white speck on his drone - it was Meadow. Having dropped a GPS pin above her location, he flew his drone back to his car and headed into the thick bush to begin his search.