Couple Who Never Got To Have Wedding Are Surprised With One 50 Years Later

A pair of beloved grandparents who got married in a small ceremony with no guests, party, or honeymoon were surprised with a big wedding 50 years later. As the pair walked into a church on their 50th anniversary, they were met by all their friends and family, ready to give them the day they always dreamed of. A tear-filled Scottie and Kay Kratchen could not believe their eyes when they opened the doors to Oakland Christian Church, in Suffolk, Virginia. The couple originally got married 50 years ago in a small courthouse ceremony – a humble affair, in which Scottie, 68, had to borrow her cousins red dress and never had a party or honeymoon. Fast forward five decades, though, and Scottie was attending her relative Madison Ilapit's wedding, where she mentioned to Madison that she always wished she had a larger wedding with her family there, had circumstances been different. So 50 years later their family secretly planned the big surprise wedding.