Man Finds Lost Baby Alpaca And Helps It Get Home

A baby alpaca lost after being separated from a family farm has been reunited with its owners thanks to a kind passerby who helped it home. Victor Villafuerte, from Arequipa, Peru, discovered the cria – a baby alpaca – completely alone on the edge of his village, and as it spotted Victor approaching quickly latched onto him. The alpaca – which Victor revealed was scared and thirsty – was crying loudly as it tried to find its family, but there were no visible farms nearby. Unable to see a farm, and with places to be, Victor had to leave the alpaca but he was unable to stop thinking about it, so returned the very next morning to help – documenting both days on video. Thanks to a distinguishing bow on the cria, Victor was eventually able to locate its farm after a lot of searching, and reunited it with its owners and family. His first video went viral, with over 19 million views and thousands of comments, including one with over 61,000 likes asking: “Please let us know if they returned to their mommy.” The three-video story racked up almost 35m views in total.