Son Surprises Amputee Mom With Wheelchair Wedding Dance

A loving son has paid a beautiful tribute to his mother who had recently lost her leg – by planning a special dance in front of their friends and family on his wedding day. Earlier in the year, Michele King, 63, from Dallas, Texas, had complications with a metal plate in her knee, which saw the infection become so severe that she had to have her leg amputated in June. Knowing his mother’s prosthetic would probably not arrive before his wedding day on September 19, her son, Johnny Thomas, 36, decided to come up with a plan to make the day extra special for his mother. One of Jonathan’s favorite movies is True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger, which features a scene where the Hollywood A-lister dances a tango with Tia Carrere. Johnny and other family members love the song, so on the big day he quickly darted outside during the father-daughter dance and broke down the plan to his brother and brother-in-law, who he asked to help with the performance. Then, having entered the venue, at Winfrey Point in Dallas, Johnny grabbed a flow from the nearest table and headed to his mother for the improv dance. Wheeling his mother into the middle of the floor, Johnny danced for about a minute, before his brother and brother-in-law brought a second wheelchair onto the floor. The wedding was medieval renaissance-themed, with his brother officiating dressed as a wizard and everyone present dressed like a Renaissance faire. Johnny then took his seat in the second chair while the others wheeled he and Michele around in time to the music as others cheered.