Ducks Ask Passerby To Rescue Seemingly-Dead Friend | Happily TV

A passerby appeared to come to a group of ducks' rescue after they pushed their seemingly-dead friend towards her before she helped revive the bird on video. When Sarah Young, 37, was passing by a pond while on vacation in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic, she came across a group of ducks with one that, she said, seemed "off kilter." According to Sarah, one of the ducks had an eerie stillness about it, frozen with its head in the bushes and its legs sticking out behind it. The moments that followed were hard to watch for Sarah from Salt Lake City, Utah, as the ducks then proceeded to poke the lifeless body with their beaks before starting to notice Sarah's presence. Over the minutes that followed, the ducks proceeded to prod the other duck’s body, which caused it to float towards Sarah. The 37-year-old said she took it as a cry for help, given that the frozen duck's head was still in the water, its neck limp. As the lifeless duck floated towards her, Sarah then lifted its head, which, she said, eventually caused the duck's eyes to open slowly. Then, the duck started to cough up water through its nostrils before appearing to gain strength right before Sarah's eyes. With her camera rolling, Sarah managed to capture the whole experience on February 5, which eventually saw the revived duck swim off towards its fellow ducks.