Pregnant woman who refused cancer treatment to save unborn baby makes miraculous recovery - X

Jo Powell and her husband Richard tried for years to have a baby, but the journey was long and arduous. In 2010, Jo's ultimate wish came true when she finally got pregnant. Days later, the expectant mother's elation quickly turned to devastation when she found a lump in her breast. She instantly feared she'd lose the baby she and Richard tried so hard to conceive. Doctors diagnosed Jo with breast cancer and wanted her to undergo treatment immediately. However, she could not begin chemotherapy while in the early stages of pregnancy. Jo's cancer was further aggravated by her pregnancy hormones. In fact, the pregnancy would only make the life-threatening disease spread faster. That's when Jo had to make a decision no expectant mother should ever have to face. At 10 weeks pregnant, doctors said her best option was to sacrifice her unborn child's life in order to save her own. Jo returned to the doctors with her mind made up, and what she decided came as a complete shock to her medical team. She was about to take a gamble so risky that it made headlines around the world. Watch the video below to see what happened next, and please SHARE Jo's story with your friends on Facebook.