Mom Reunited With 'Miracle' Daughter After COVID-19 Recovery

A mother who suffered from COVID-19 couldn’t hide her joy as she was reunited with her “miracle” daughter who she credits for helping her beat the virus after almost a month apart. Crenita Sims, 43, wearing a mask and plastic gown from her treatment, as well as wheeling an oxygen tank, balled hysterically as daughter Creghan charged into her arms. The jubilant mom spent 11 days in hospital fighting the disease, and said the thought of holding her daughter once more was the main reason she fought so hard against the novel coronavirus. Crenita said Creghan is somewhat of a “miracle” baby, as for 25 years she suffered with infertility issues, and after having two corrective surgeries to no avail, she made the difficult decision to have a hysterectomy. But before she could schedule an appointment, Crenita, from Marrero, Louisiana, received the stunning news she was pregnant. Ahead of their emotional reunion, the pair had never been apart for so long, as when Crenita was admitted to hospital, she sent her daughter to her brother’s house as she did not want her to get sick.