Dirt Bike Racer Crashes Before Proposing To Girlfriend As She Rushes To His Aid

An avid motorcycle rider devised a bold way to propose to his girlfriend, by signing up for his first-ever motorcross race and faking a crash so that she would immediately rush to his aid. Jeremy Durst, 30, from Miami, Florida, came up with the unique way of popping the question because it was a guaranteed way to make sure his girlfriend's family and friends would be in attendance, he said. Jeremy bought a new Kawaski KX450 and entered a race at Motorama, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, which, he thought, would mean that his girlfriend, Sara Frank, 30, and their family would not suspect a thing. With thousands set to be in attendance, Jeremy contacted the race organizers to pitch his idea, saying he would pass one of them the ring before the race, ride around in last place, and then fake a wreck on his last lap. Donning a GoPro, Jeremy did just that – but during the race, he unsuspectingly happened to pass another racer, meaning he would need to slow down to let that rider past. This meant Jeremy actually overshot the safe crash zone he had identified, and so he had to opt for a fake crash on a separate turn instead. Having slid the bike out from underneath him, Jeremy went down as if he was injured, rising to his feet and then turning around so that his back was to the crowd. Sara then rushed from the stands towards her boyfriend – and as she got around to face him, she was met with the ring that Jeremy had craftily taken from an official. The rider was also handed a mic to pop the question, which Sara nodded to in delight and then said "Yes".