Air Force Daughter On Phone With Mom Is Really On Doorstep

An Air Force daughter on the phone with her mom asked her to check the front porch for a package - only to be waiting on the doorstep to surprise her. On the front step of her family home in Crestline, Ohio, Rylee Gregson, 19, called her mom Rhonda Gregson who she knew was inside. Rylee said she had seen many surprise military reunions online, and having cried at a number of them, she wanted to give mother and “best friend” Rhonda, 51, a similar experience. She had been at tech school for a couple of months but due to the coronavirus outbreak was told she could head home early. So after having her brother and cousin pick her up, a nervous Rylee, dressed in full military attire, headed home without knowing whether Rhonda had already caught on. But when her mother opened the door, on March 20, 2020, expecting to collect a package that Rylee said was waiting for her, all of those worries went away. Rhonda began screaming and shaking hysterically before jumping forward to grab her daughter. Rylee later shared the video online receiving millions of views and an outpouring of positive comments.