Long Distance Girlfriend Surprises Boyfriend Disguised As Delivery Driver

A stunned boyfriend got quite a shock when his long-distance girlfriend surprised him as an Amazon delivery driver. Niki Bayat, 24, contacted her boyfriend Nick and told him that a package would be arriving at his Chicago, Illinois, home as a birthday treat. After Nick had opened the door, he headed to the sidewalk to sign for his package, which Niki, who had traveled from Boston, was holding. The 24-year-old hid her identity by dressing in a facemask, sunglasses and a hat, and in the distance her sister, Donna, secretly filmed the moment. Nick had no idea it was his girlfriend handing him the package, Niki said, and Donna could not stop laughing as tears streamed down her face. Eventually, the two sisters revealed the big surprise, later sharing the August 30 moment on social media.