Mom Shares Toddler's Daily Excitement At Dad Coming Home From Work | Happily TV

A proud mom has shared her toddler son's excitable daily routine when his father comes home from work. Asha [Ah-Shay] Lane, from Atlanta, Georgia, started noticing her son Zion's daily darts to the door when his father returned home in November 2023. Each afternoon, Asha said, Zion would excitably head to the door when he heard it unlocking, screaming, "Hey," "Hello," "Daddy," or "Dada" when his father Nathaniel, 30, entered. As soon as 17-month-old Zion hears the door unlock, he stops whatever he is doing, Asha said, so she starts recording short clips of his wholesome routine. Asha later shared a compilation of Zion running to his father on social media, which soon went viral. The video, posted in early December 2023, has been viewed more than 30 million times. Asha said Zion continues to run to his father daily.