Grad Surprised With Portrait Of Late Dad Wearing Future College Sweater

A high school grad was surprised with a portrait of herself with her late father wearing a sweater of the college she is set to go to. KaLeah Steede, 17, was graduating from Sparkman High School in Huntsville, Alabama, when she was presented with a gift. She had originally planned to move in with her father, Garri, 47, before heading off to the University of Kentucky – but in September 2021, Garri suddenly passed away, leaving a huge hole in KaLeah's life. Ahead of her May 24 graduation, KaLeah told her mom Karina she wanted to incorporate Garri in any way possible, and she was initially gifted a tassel decorated with a picture of him. But little did she know her mom has another surprise in store – she had reached out to Paint Your Life, a company specialized in personalized portraits after discovering them on social media. After opening the wrapped gift KaLeah looked at the face staring back at her before immediately welling up over the emotion of the moment.