Police Officers Surprise Girl After Birthday Party Canceled

A police force surprised a little girl who had her birthday party cancelled due to coronavirus - surprising her in their squad cars and playing “Happy Birthday” through their megaphones. In the wholesome moment, Callie Kimpland, who turned four, heads to the edge of the family driveway in Medway, Massachusetts, where cops from Medway Police arrived. With their sirens on, lights flashing and Callie waving on in awe, the officers then decided to play “Happy Birthday” before delivering their birthday message and gifts on Sunday March 22. Callie was joined on the driveway by her brother Cameron, dad Mike, and mom Shayna who filmed the sweet moment. After the show of birthday love, the officers then presented Shayna with gifts - as well as a little something for Cameron, so he didn’t feel left out. Callie had been excited for her birthday party but as the day grew closer and coronavirus cases spread, Shayna knew Callie’s party was probably going to be cancelled. Having emailed Medway Police to ask if they could quickly drive by and play “Happy Birthday,” Shayna was then shocked when the department reached back out to her and went above and beyond her request.