Soldier Dad Photobombs Family To Surprise Kids After 365 Days Away | Happily TV

A military dad photobombed a family photoshoot to reunite with his kids after a year deployed overseas. Staff Sergeant Zach Grundy, from West Lafayette, Indiana, has been with the Indiana National Guard for 12 years and hadn't seen his kids for a year, having been serving overseas. As well as nine months in Iraq, Zach, had also spent three months away from Addaline, aged six, Aurora, three, and Avery, two, in the build-up for training. This period was tough on the kids, his wife Bethany, 28, said, as this was Zach's second deployment and only Addaline had experienced such separation before. And so, when Bethany got the news that Zach was set to return home, the couple started working on a loving surprise for their kids. Having initially toyed with the idea of a school surprise, scheduling meant the kids were on their summer vacation, so Zach and Bethany started thinking of alternatives. They contacted a friend and photographer, Haley, of Haley Renee Photography and asked if she could fit a shoot into her schedule. Then, on August 3, at Happy Hollow Park in West Lafayette, Bethany and the three kids set up for the shoot while Zach sneaked up behind them. When he then made his return known to the kids, Haley captured a series of wholesome photographs, with the moment itself also being captured on video.