Woman Is Proposed To After Beating COVID

A man got down on one knee to propose to his partner as she was wheeled out of intensive care having beaten COVID-19. Lionel ‘Geno’ Crenshaw had planned to renew his vows with his wife Rheamie Crenshaw this coming October, but in March during the onset of the pandemic she was diagnosed with the illness. And after taking a turn for the worse, she ended up in intensive care where doctors desperately battled to save her life. While in the ICU on the isolation floor, Rheamie was given two experimental drugs in terms of battling COVID in a bid to fight off the respiratory illness. But they inadvertently caused her heart to ventricular tachycardia – a fast abnormal heart rate – which almost sent her into cardiac arrest. A desperate Geno was trapped at home waiting on news of his wife’s condition when he decided he would propose to renew their vows the moment she was released from hospital. So, after seven days fighting the illness, Rheamie was given the all clear. Geno immediately headed down to the hospital in Beaumont Hospital in Dearmont, Michigan. A video recorded of the moment Geno and Rheamie reunited shows Geno flashing the ring at the camera, before turning and approaching his wife as she is wheeled out of ICU. As Geno approached, he drops to one knee, with a shocked Rheamie holding her hands to her face in shock as she breaks out in tears. The pair then embrace for the first time since Rheamie was admitted to hospital.