Dad Records Accidental Selfie During Son's Wedding

A wholesome dad is warming hearts on social media after accidentally recording a teary-eyed selfie video instead of his son's wedding vows. In making the mistake, Emerson Coish, 71, captured his every emotion during the key part of the ceremony, when his son Adam, 31, and partner Courtney, 29, were married. During the moment, which took place at Cavesprings Vineyard, in Beamsville, Ontario, Canada, Emerson's eyes can be seen welling up with tears as he beams at Adam's big day. According to Adam, it wasn't until the day after the wedding that Emerson realized his mistake. Emerson asked his son if he would like to check out the photos and videos he had shot of the August 20 ceremony, handing over the device to his son. But then, Adam kept scrolling, finding selfie after selfie after selfie – more than 20 photos in all – as well as footage of Emerson's reactions walking down the aisle and during the ceremony itself. When Adam saw the video, he initially laughed – but then, when he found out it was the exact moment of the man and wife announcement, such laughs quickly turned to happy tears. Adam later shared the video on his social media channels so that others could witness his father's pride. Emerson is not completely inept when it comes to technology, Adam said – but the selfie mistake was not a huge surprise, either.