Best Friends Emotionally Reunite After Lockdown

Two best friends have emotionally reunited after spending almost four months apart. Gavin and JaOndre, both aged seven, ran towards each other and launched themselves into a hug as they met for the first time since quarantine was introduced in Ohio. The pair have been friends since kindergarten, but after shelter-at-home restrictions were implemented, they were left having to communicate through video calls and on social media. According to Gavin’s mom Melea Pratt, the pair are inseparable and love nothing more than hanging out together and performing dance routines on the popular social media app Tik Tok. But after restrictions were lifted earlier this month, JaOndre surprised his best buddy by showing up at his home. Gavin’s mom Melea – who knew JaOndre was coming around – decided it would be the perfect moment to film her son’s reaction. As she calls Gavin, he tentatively opens the garage door, before seeing his friend in front of him. The pair then embrace and emotionally hug each other.