Girl Surprised At New College By Dad

A self-confessed "daddy's girl" who moved colleges away from home to the other side of the country cried tears of joy when her father arrived to surprise her on her new college campus. Alexis Sturr, 20, had no idea dad Christopher, 54, was going to show up at the University of Tampa, Florida, on March 3, and as soon as she saw him she immediately broke down in tears. According to Alexis – known as Lexi – she and her dad are extremely close, and during her freshman year she lived with her parents in Detroit, Michigan, and commuted to a local college. But when an opportunity arose to head to Tampa, Lexi couldn't turn it down – meaning she would be leaving her family to live more than 1,100 miles away. Christopher's job means he can’t take periods of time off to visit his daughter, and by March Lexi was under the impression she would not be able to see him until at least the summer. Then, for spring break, Lexi's mom Rosemary, 53, who has a more flexible work schedule, decided to pay her a visit. While walking around the University of Tampa campus, Rosemary handed her daughter a small gift, and as she was opening it, Lexi saw a familiar face walking towards her.