What's Hot at SHOT 2023: Amend2 Modular Chassis

Amend2 has unveiled a new product designed to make hunting trips and range days easier! The AMC Amend2 Modular Chassis and its unique design detach into 2 main parts, the chassis and the custom stocks made to fit it. All parts are made and assembled in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty. With an assembly so simplistic, one may question the gun's reliability. But with stocks made from 4 mighty materials (Carbon, Fiberglass, Polymer, and a Polymer Hybrid) and Chassis available in Reinforced Polymer, Aluminum, and Magnesium, once you assemble the stock to the chassis, Amend2's patented Cam-Lock systems secure these 2 pieces together with more than 800lbs of force! For more information, head to GetZone now and check out the AMC from Amend2 and so much more!