THE TRIVELA - Winning Shooting & Passing Skills • Ages 7-15

THE TRIVELA - Winning Shooting Skills for Ages 7-15. Mike Araujo, USSF certified coach, explains a soccer drill to learn and perfect the outside of the foot strike. For ages 7-10 the focus is getting the right spin on the ball, and from ages 11+ the emphasis should be on getting enough power, swerve, and accuracy. The Trivela can be used anywhere on the field. It gives defenders another method to clear the ball, midfielders a way to send a through ball that spins into their forward's path, and strikers another way to find the back of the net. It provides players with a good alternative to their non-dominant foot, allowing them to achieve a spin on the ball that with a normal strike they could only get from using their other foot. This can be a good option for a right footed player on the left wing, for example, to cross the ball in with their dominant foot and still have it spin away from the opposing goal keeper and into their forward's path.