<p>Meghan Markle just EXPOSED the racism amidst The Royal Family. Join me as we watch the interview&#39;s most jaw dropping moments. The racism embeded in this institution needs to be as public as possible in my humble opinion.</p> <p>Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts! Let&#39;s have a conversation.<br /> <br /> Listen to Mile High Podcast! New episode on the royal family has been posted wherever you listen to podcasts. Video version should be up this week:&nbsp;</p> <p>Want the easiest plant around to care for?! Get an airplant!! [ad]<br /> <a href="">Airplant Gardens</a> is a monthly plant subscription that&#39;s cheaper than Netflix.<br /> You can save 50% with code &#39;MERMAN&#39; at <a href=""></a></p> <p>Stop using lighters and start smoking with <a href="">hemp wick!</a> [ad]<br /> Use code &#39;MISGUIDEDMERMAN&#39; to save 10% at checkout!!<br /> <a href=""></a></p> <p>Sending love to everyone taking the time to read this-- you are appreciated, your life has value, and your perspective is something no one can take from you. Don&#39;t talk to influencers on Snapchat. Love yourself, and stay safe.</p> <p>Thanks for watching!!</p> <p>Interact with me on social media @misguidedmerman</p> <p>or visit <a href=""></a> for a list of all the places I can be found on the interwebz!</p> <p><a href="">My Instagram</a>||<a href="">My Twitter</a>|| <a href="">My Website</a></p> <p><a href="">CHANNEL PLAYLISTS (WATCH ALL MY VIDEOS HERE)</a><br /> ||<a href="">SCARY VIDEOS</a> || <a href="">STONER VIDEOS</a> || <a href="">OLD VIDEOS</a>||</p> <p>Thanks for watching! You are appreciated!</p> <p>Until next time-</p> <p>Stay safe, stay sane, and remember to always stay golden~</p>