How to prepare pots for clones and seeds

<p>Hi growers,</p> <p>I got 21 clones and I need only 16. So I want make mother plants from best clones. 2 clones are in bad condition, but if they will survive, they will go outside at the spring.</p> <p>Also I want show you, how I preparing pots.</p> <p>Clones are Swissdream CBD with 0,2% THC and 6-7 CBD / feminised</p> <p>Seeds are CBD Hemp with 0,2 THC and 6-9% CBD / regular</p> <p>My target is test new mothers from seeds (if some of them will be under 0,2 % THC) and also I need male for polen. Polen I will use for cross with Swissdream.</p> <p>Thx for watching and subscribe :)</p> <p>Music:</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>Free for use / share / edit.</p>