China: Deadly floods kill over 20; people stuck in subway rescued; dams damaged

At least 25 people were killed in China's Zhengzhou following rare torrential rains. The deceased included 12 people who were trapped in a flooded subway in the region. Visuals posted on social media showed commuters trapped in chest-deep floodwaters. More than 500 people were evacuated from the subway system late on Tuesday night. Nearly 2 lakh people have been relocated around the city due to heavy rainfall. The highest-level emergency alert notice has also been issued across the province. President Jinping ordered authorities to deploy the People's Liberation Army for rescue work. PLA has deployed 3,000 personnel to help local authorities in flood control & evacuation. Local media reported widespread collapse of houses due to rains in the central province. Water levels in some rivers reportedly exceeded warning levels, causing damages to dams.