1 VS 1 - Winning Goalkeeping Skills 1 • Ages 14-16

1 VS 1 - Winning Goalkeeping Skills 1 • Ages 14-16. Director of South Florida Goalkeeping Academy, Brian Galvin, teaches the essential skill of a goalkeeper coming off their line in a 1 v 1 situation. In the modern game it is important for the keeper to have a strong presence in goal. This is done by quickly coming off their line to shut down these 1 v 1 situations, either by winning the ball before a shot, or spreading and getting wide covering the goal to make the save. In this drill the goalkeeper will start on their line in a set position with two players 3 yards apart on both sides. When the coach says left or right, the keeper comes out quickly to the player between the cones to make the save. Important that when making the save the goalkeeper has their knee set to their heel, chest forward and arms wide for maximum coverage. It is recommended to spend at least 10 minutes a day working on this drill to perfect form in order to save these goal scoring opportunities.