Grandparents Surprised With Granddaughter After Not Knowing Of Daughter's Labor

A woman did not tell her mom and mother-in-law that she had gone into labor with their first granddaughter, leading to a tearful surprise in her hospital ward. Grandparents Alejandra, 46, and Analilia, 52, had been so desperate for a granddaughter that they could not hold back their initial excitement when Alejandra’s daughter, Yadira, 29, informed them that she was pregnant with a girl. But when it came time to deliver her newborn, Yadira, from Reno, Nevada, decided to plan a sweet surprise for Alejandra and Analilia. She did not tell the pair that she had gone into labor, instead taking her oldest son into the room to witness his little sister being born. Then, on July 26, Alejandra and Analilia entered the hospital ward, expecting to see Yadira preparing to give birth. When they noticed the new arrival across the room, a stunned Alejandra and then Analilia moved towards their baby granddaughter, Aleana. The surprise got too much for the grandmothers, who had to fight back tears as they looked at Aleana.