How Rewilding These Animals Could Help Us Meet Climate Targets

Wild animals can be overlooked when it comes to reducing carbon, but by rewilding key species, we can restore entire ecosystems and boost nature’s carbon-absorbing powers. Conserving wildebeest on the Serengeti increases natural grazing, reducing wildfires and turning the plains into a carbon sink. Wild animals may scatter seeds and nutrients, helping plants grow while controlling other species whose favourite snacks are woody plants. In the ocean, the iron-rich waste of whales provides ideal conditions for phytoplankton, the incredible micro-organisms that fix 40% of the planet’s CO2. Rewilding just 9 animals could account for 95% of our CO2 absorption targets by 2100 and cap the global temperature rise at 1.5°C. The 9 animals include the African forest elephant, the American bison, the grey wolf, and more. Watch to view the full list of animals.