Should Certain Books Be Banned In School?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis passed a state education reform package meant to restrict certain books how gender, sexuality, and race are taught in public schools. Texas school administrators restricted access to more than 800 books in 22 districts over similar concerns. In fact, school administrators across the country are grappling with new pressures concerning what their students are reading and how they are taught. At its core is the fundamental question of whether some books are beyond reproach. Those who say “yes” argue that children should not be exposed to sex, violence, drug use, or other topics they deem inappropriate, or provide anti-patriotic narratives. Others say that removing books is inherently un-American and a threat to free speech. Reading controversial books fosters critical thinking, encourages empathy, and provides a more diverse understanding of the world they say. In this context, we debate: Should Certain Books Be Banned in School?