Bake a French Silk Pie With Joanna Gaines

Joanna Gaines, the author, chef, business owner, and mom, takes us into her kitchen and shows us how to make a French Silk Pie. It’s as fancy as it sounds. Filmed by her daughter Ella with a special guest appearance by other daughter Emmie. Pssst... her cookbook “Magnolia Table Volume 2” comes out tomorrow. #PressPause #Baking #Pie #Magnolia #Cooking #JoannaGaines #SkimmLife ... Ingredients: For the crust: -5oz chocolate wafers -1 stick butter -1/4 cup sugar For the filling: -2 eggs -2/3 cup sugar -2oz unsweetened chocolate -1tsp vanilla extract -1/3 cup softened butter -2/3 cup heavy cream -1/4 cup powdered sugar For the whipped cream: -1 pint heavy whipping cream -1/4 cup powdered sugar -1tsp vanilla extract For the topping: -unsweetened chocolate