RECEIVING WITH THE BACK FOOT: Winning Skills. English FA coach, Neil McKay, teaches a drill on receiving the ball with direction before passing. Form a triangle with cones 10 yards apart so that players can receive and pass around the outside of the cones. Players should open up their hips to the direction of where they will be passing to. They should receive the ball with a soft touch using the side of the back foot. The back foot for receiving, will be the foot furthest from where the pass is coming from and closest to where the next pass needs to go. The first touch, with hips open and pointing to the next pass should gently move the ball in the direction of the next pass. For simplicity start counter clockwise with players receiving with their right foot. Then switch direction with them receiving with their left foot. Players can pass using the instep of either foot but make sure they are not favoring one foot over the other. This basic drill will teach players how to receive and control the ball with the next pass in mind and accurately passing to the next player.