Baby Chick Saved By A Blow Dryer | Wild-ish TV

This is the incredible moment a quick-thinking hobby farmer discovered a cold, unresponsive chick and was able to revive it using a blow dryer. Chrissy Chin, 36, headed to her barn on January 22, where she discovered an unresponsive day-old chick in a brooder with other newly hatched chicks. The chick was showing no signs of breathing and was cold to touch, but Chrissy knew from raising animals that hot air is an effective warming method. The one glimmer of hope, Chrissy said, was the bird's feet would curl when she gave a slight tug on its legs, so she started using a blow dryer on the bird for the next 20 minutes. There were initially no extra signs of life, but after half an hour, Chrissy saw the bird had started to move its eyes. By 40 minutes, the chick had started chirping – an incredible transformation the hobby farmer was able to capture on video.