Son Buys Mom A Barbie As She Never Had One As A Kid

A mom broke down in tears when her adult son surprised her with a Barbie because her family couldn’t afford one when she was young. Dinora Guadalupe Arguello Vasquez grew up in El Salvador working until she was 14 years old, before leaving at 15 for the U.S. to begin a new life so she could send money home to her parents. Because she had to grow up so quickly, and despite her family’s best efforts, Dinora never had much as a child – and had always seen others with luxuries such as dolls. Years later, after starting her own family and having children, her son Moises Martinez-Arguello, from Montréal, Canada, learned about Dinora’s upbringing and their humble roots. He wanted to surprise her with a gift to thank her for her sacrifice and for his own upbringing, so bought her a Barbie doll because she never had one when she was young. After opening the gift, Dinora immediately broke down in tears and pulled Moises in for a close hug as her emotions got the better of her.