HOJ ~ KLIP & KOL Review | Tyler Therapy

<p></p> <p>WHAT&#39;S PUFFIN MUTHAPUFFAS!</p> <p>Thank you for PUFFIN with me on yet another MUTHAPUFFIN video!</p> <p>Today I am PUFFIN up a hot Review on these Hoj.Life products I have here, and let me tell yall MUTHAPUFFAS somethin, the KLIP and the KOL are two BAD MUTHAPUFFAS you just got to PUFF with! You can discover more about these products on their website Hoj.Life</p> <p>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p> <p>KEEP ON PUFFIN WITH ME MUTHAPUFFAS!</p> <p>MUTHAPUFFIN MERCH &amp; EVENTS: WWW.BADMUTHAPUFFA.COM</p> <p>IG: @tylertherapy | @badmuthapuffa | @tylertherapytheater</p> <p>TIKTOK: @tylertherapy | @badmuthapuffa | @prettymuthapuffa</p> <p>TWT: Tyler Therapy</p> <p>YouTube: Tyler Therapy</p>