How To Fish A Teaser Rig For Striped Bass | On The Water's From The Surf

Striped bass aren't a notoriously finicky species of fish. They don't have the excellent eyesight of a bluefin tuna or false albacore, but this doesn't mean they can't be picky, especially when surfcasting from sand beaches. When striped bass are feeding on small bait like sand eels, fishing a teaser in front of a larger striper lure can fool finicky stripers. In this video, On The Water editor Jimmy Fee walks through a fast and simple way to rig a soft plastic teaser. By using a 50lb Tactical Anglers clip with a 10 inch section of Seaguar fluorocarbon attached to your teaser of choice, you can easily add or remove the whole rig from the bottom rung of your barrel swivel. Although a teaser presents a small profile, they've been responsible for landing countless big striped bass along the beaches of Cape Cod.