RELEAFY TORCH 2.0 Dab Pen | What's new

<p>SAME PRICE, MORE FEATURES, BETTER TORCH!</p> <p>IT&rsquo;S BACK! IT&rsquo;S UPGRADED! IT&rsquo;S YOUR NEW TORCH!</p> <p>The wait is finally over!</p> <p>Your New Upgrades &amp; Features include:</p> <p>1) Airflow Design is easier to clean and disassemble.</p> <p>2) Output Design includes three higher than standard settings, along with NEW voltage mode.</p> <p>3) Heating Chamber, now comes with 1x Ceramic Chamber as standard, along with 1x NEW QUARTZ Chamber. Quartz Chambers heat up faster than the Ceramic Chambers, allowing you to enjoy more vapor per puff.</p> <p>4) New packaging comes with a zip-up carrying case for easier on-the-go sessions of your NEW TORCH!</p>