Biden's Air Force One Stumble Receives Little Attention Compared To Trump's "Ramp-Gate"

<p>When President Donald Trump walked slowly down a ramp at West Point in June 2020, CNN <a href="">told its viewers</a> that "President Trump is facing some new questions about his health after an unsteady walk down a ramp," the New York Times <a href="">proclaimed</a> "Trump’s Halting Walk Down Ramp Raises New Health Questions" and the Washington Post offered headlines <a href="">like</a> "Trump tries to explain his slow and unsteady walk down a ramp at West Point" and "‘Like a baby deer on a frozen pond’: Late-night hosts mock Trump over ‘Ramp-gate’." Fox News <a href="">mentioned</a> it twice in the following days, while CNN and MSNBC both mentioned it six times.</p> <p>In contrast, when Biden stumbled several times on the Air Force One stairs on Friday, American media largely <a href="">ignored</a> the event, even as the foreign press <a href="">covered</a> it. The New York Times <a href="">dismissed</a> it as "Biden is ‘doing 100 percent fine’ after tripping while boarding Air Force One," The Hill <a href="">offered</a> that "Biden '100 percent' fine after stumble on Air Force One steps, aide says" and the Washington Post <a href="">stated</a> only that "Biden stumbles climbing stairs to Air Force One." On television news, neither CNN nor MSNBC mentioned the incident, while Fox mentioned it <a href="">16 times</a>.</p> <p><img class="charticle-photo" src="" border="0" alt="GDELT Project" title="Biden Air Force One" data-width="2000" data-height="930" /></p>