LADDER CONE SWITCH - Ladder To Success 4 • Ages 10-13

LADDER CONE SWITCH - LADDER TO SUCCESS 4 . AGES 10-13 Former National US Champion, Eric De Sousa, challenges athletes to connect the reaction speed of their mind to their feet with the final ladder progression of the cone switch. With a Speed & Agility Ladder on the ground, the coach or player must lay down cones in alternating numbers of two and three on each side of the ladder. If a ladder is unavailable, you may use tape or any form of a straight line on the ground. Once the cones are set, the player will start on the side of the ladder that is opposite of the cone. He or she will then take one step outside and then one step inside the square. While moving up the ladder, when the player hits the block where the cones switch, he or she will switch sides of the ladder taking an outside step to another outside step before stepping into the next square. After completing this drill multiple times, the coach or player can alternate the cones to make the drill more difficult. This progression is recommended every other day for 10 to 20 minutes while making the cones more difficult as you perfect the technique.