<p>Hii guys! Thank you so much for clicking on my video! In today&#39;s video I wanted to sit down and explain why I missed my weekly upload last week as well as tell you my story of how and why I started my weetube channel. I didn&#39;t want to pretend that none of the drama surrounding twtaffected me or made me have some doubts. Although I was not involved at all, I knew a lot of the people who were and it made me really sad to see them hurting and leaving twt which made me feel inclinded to leave too because I didn&#39;t want to lose them as friends.But after a lot of thinking, I realized that we all have to do what makes us happy and for me thats making weedtube videos. So I thought it was a good time to tell you guys why I have decided to stay on twtand why I want to see the cannabiscommunity grow. I hope my words do a good job of explaining my intentions and hopefully everyone can understand &lt;3</p> <p>Lastly, thanks for watching and don&#39;t forget to stay highdrated ;)</p> <p>Follow me✌</p> <p>✿ Instagram: @stonedvegan</p> <p>✿ Twitter: @st0nedvegan</p> <p>MUSIC CREDITS:</p> <p>NON COPY RIGHT MUSIC!</p> <p>NOSTALGIC - [FREE] LOFI TYPE BEAT (EMOTIONAL SAD LO-FI BEAT 2019)</p> <p>https://youtu.be/j6cfp5dgHI8</p>