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<p>Welcome to my channel, I am a cancer and cannabis vlogger and Arizona Medical Marijuana patient. I created this channel to help others understand the Medical Marijuana to help relieve chronic pain, cancer, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, cancer and more. I review Arizona dispensaries and caregivers cannabis, monthly subscription box unboxing, a complete Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) Video Diary, as well as cooking with cannabis!! <br /> Subscribe for more free YouTube tips: <br /> RSO Playlist:</p> <p>Subscription Box Unboxing:<br /> Why I smoke Medical Marijuana:<br /> Chronic Titz Cooking:<br /> This channel gives tips on the uses of medical marijuana how it affects me and most people. Medical Marijuana was scary for me at first so I scoured YouTube for an educational channel about the effects of cannabis and all I could find was people smoking it and having a good time but no real information about the facts of each individual plant, I figured I wasn&rsquo;t the only one that was curious and Free My Cure was born.<br /> If you have a strain, edible, or any other cannabis-related idea and you want me to make a video about it please feel free to email me at<br /> Most questions can be answered on my website at<br /> Disclaimer: This channel is for Cannabis patients and adults all opinions expressed during the show are just that my opinion. Thanks!<br /> Final thoughts: Being a YouTube comes with certain responsibilities and on this channel, I will always be 100% with you, I love what I do and love that you guys come to see me every day and offer encouragement, love, and support and I can&rsquo;t thank you guys enough!!!</p> <p>Please note this channel is for Cannabis Patients and Adults, it&#39;s not intended towards minors or illegal Marijuana consumption. Please always consult a Dr. if you have any questions or concerns, Medical Marijuana can affect people differently causing some paranoia and or anxiety if it becomes overbearing using a little CBD will help calm those negative effects and return you to a more comfortable state.</p> <p>A few people have asked a very good question &quot;Where do we find you if COPPA affects your channel?&quot; So I decided to post all of my social media links below:<br /> WEBSITE:<br /> YOUTUBE:<br /> Instagram:<br /> SnapChat: <br /> Free My Cure FACEBOOK:<br /> FACEBOOK: <br /> TWITTER:<br /> PATREON:<br /> P.O. Box 40, Wittmann Arizona 85361</p>