DNC Chair Tom Perez: Expect Republicans To "Lie, Cheat, And Steal" To Win In 2020

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez told MSNBC's Joy Ann Reid Tuesday night that he expects Republicans to "lie, cheat, and steal" to win the 2020 presidential election. <blockquote>TOM PEREZ, DNC CHAIR: What's clear from this administration, and what's clear throughout the entirety of his business practices, is that they will lie, cheat, and steal. They'll do anything to win. They have so eroded institutions of democracy, that is why there is health care on the ballot and we will continue to point out that the Democratic Party is the party fighting to save your health care. The Republicans are fighting to take it away. So many other things on the ballot. Our democracy is on the ballot. Joy, you are right. We have to be prepared for lying, cheating, and stealing. They have an approach to undermining our democracy that is shameful and that is why we are organizing everywhere. That is why we are preparing for every eventuality. We won in 2018 across this country in historic manners. But I am very sober about the realities of the upcoming campaign. They will try to suppress the vote wherever they can. They will try to cheat, they will try to weaponize things. That's what we are preparing for at the DNC. That's unfortunate. Our democracy is truly on the ballot and I'm confident we can win. But it saddens me to no end. This is not who we are and this is not the party of Lincoln. The party of Lincoln has officially died. The party of Trump is not a party that represents our democratic values.</blockquote>