Chatham Rips Stripers (Monomoy) | S18 E03

A rip is where moving water accelerates over a shallow spot, often creating standing waves, even when the wind is still. Rips create a unique feeding opportunity for striped bass, as they wait to ambush the baitfish that have been overwhelmed by the current. One of the most productive series of rips in the Northeast is located off Cape Cod, at the tip of Monomoy. Every summer, striped bass move into these rips to eat sand eels, squid, and mackerel. On a foggy, early summer day, Chris Megan and Kevin Blinkoff along with Rus Graham from Simrad, use their electronics to safely navigate to the striper-filled rips off Chatham, Massachusetts. When the tide is running, the stripers are stacked right in the riplines, but at slack, the bass group up and drive the baitfish to the surface for an unforgettable summertime blitz. On The Water is brought to you by: Yamaha Outboards :​ Simrad Electronics :​ Old Town Kayaks :​ Costa Sunglasses :​ Skeeter Boats :​ AFTCO :​ Havalon Knives :​ On The Water Outfitters:​ Follow Us on Instagram: On The Water Magazine (​) Chris Megan (​) Kevin Blinkoff (