The MYSTERY STRAIN? - Outdoor Organic Grow Journal in Spain

<p>Hi everyone and thanks for clicking today.</p> <p>It&#39;s my very first video here on the WeedTube and I&#39;m excited to share with all of you my very first outdoor grow, where I live in Spain. I purchased these seeds from a local gardening store (I know right, it&#39;s amazing you can do that!) back in October and planted them right away. The strain is Sweet Tai and they are photos. I&#39;m growing completely organic and because they are relatively off-season they probably aren&#39;t as big as they could be, but I&#39;m really happy with them so far.</p> <p>You join me in Week 2 of flowering and we&#39;re seeing some decent progress already.</p> <p>Like and Subscribe if you want to see more updates from this grow series as I&#39;ll be uploading a bunch from now on.</p> <p>Stay High, Stay Lifted and have a sweet day all of you.</p> <p>Peace.</p> <p>KaliMist</p>