This Simple Fix Helped Save a Pomegranate Farm From Drought

Rajendra’s pomegranate farm is located in Ahmednagar, a drought-prone district of India. Water shortages were ruining his pomegranate yields until he employed a novel solution. Funded by India’s rural development bank, Rajendra buried clay vessels called diffusers along the drip lines that fed every tree on his pomegranate farm. The vessels keep water close to the tree root and stop it from being lost to the soil. The diffusers allowed him to grow fruit even during a drought. Usually, the soil in this district has low fertility and requires more fertilisers and water. Droughts devastated the region in 2003, 2005, 2013 and 2017. Ahmednagar has also built water catchment ponds, boosting the region’s groundwater. Both are examples of climate-smart agriculture, so watch the video to learn more.