Dog Spins With Excitement Over Going To Gym | Happily TV

A toy Pomeranian has given the term spin class a new meaning – as it excitedly can’t stop spinning when its owner calls for it to accompany him to the gym. Jason Alexander Kim, from Dallas, Texas, is a keen gym-goer and fitness influencer across social media. But his 4-year-old dog, Cupcake, has also been going viral after Jason shared the pooches hilarious routine whenever the pair leave home for the gym. In the video, Jason picks up her leash before saying ‘Cupcake let’s go, let’s go to the gym’ before a faint panting noise and paw steps starts getting closer and closer to the camera. Suddenly, Cupcake’s fur enters the screen and she continues spinning towards Jason dozens of times before he is able to attach her leash – and then a few more times for good measure. Jason, who regularly shares fitness tips on TikTok or Instagram, said: “This video shows Cupcakes' routine 'dance' before we head to the gym."