How to make dabs at home!!! Pressing Rosin!!!

<p>Hi everyone, thanks for joining us. We decided to get our rosin press out so we can make some dabs. So we went ahead and made a video for every one on how to make dabs. Rosin is a solvent-less and chemical free way of producing your own wax for dabbing. This is a very easy and safe form of home production. This method uses heated pressure to release the natural oils in the flowers. The oils or rosin is than collected and can be dabbed.</p> <p>The process is fairly straight forward. You determine the amount of cannabis you would like to press. One usually receives 10-20 % return in the form of wax. So 10 grams of flower can get 1-2 grams of wax or rosin. The amount returned will very on the type or strain used. Also the humidity of the flower also. For example, dryer cannabis flower will return less rosin. We do place the bud between parchment paper for easy collection. The press does all the hard work, it&#39;s quite easy for the user. The bud is placed between the plates. You can choose the temperature of the plates individually. The higher the temp the higher te return in rosin. However this will come at the loss of some of the flavor profile. The cannabis is kept under full pressure for about 60 seconds. The press is than released. Than the rosin is collected with a small scraper tool.</p> <p>Thanks to every one watching. Please Like, Subscribe, And Comment.</p> <p>Follow on our Instagram:<a href=""></a></p> <p>Support us on Patreon:<a href=""></a></p>