Pre-Harvest Bud Shots with SilkySlim416

<p>I was asked to do a video showing more shots of the buds in my indoor cannabis garden. I listen to your suggestions and comments so i created this video for you viewers which want a closer look at the buds i&#39;ve been growing here in my 4x8 grow tent for the last little while.</p> <p>I had grown :</p> <p>2 Blackberry Kush Auto flowers (Dutch Passion Seed Company)</p> <p>2 Blue cheese Photoperiod (Barneys Farm Seed Company)</p> <p>7 Pink Kush Photoperiod (Barneys Farm Seed Company)</p> <p>I had these plants in this run in a Stepwell super soil top dressed with Gaia Organics time released nutrients. If you recall just over the holidays I had upgraded the the LED lights in my tent after having 2 lights die on one side of my 4x8 grow tent.</p> <p>Thanks again to my new sponsor Spider Farmer LED.</p> <p>SPIDER FARMER LED GROW LIGHT LINKS</p> <p>If You are looking for some great quality budget grow lights check out my link below and don&#39;t forget to use my promo code : SILKYSLIM416</p> <p>SPIDER FARMER SF LED 1000/2000/4000/7000</p> <p>CND Amazon SF1000 - - ( Code : Silkyslim416 )</p> <p>CND Amazon SF2000 - - ( Code : Silkyslim416 )</p> <p>CND Amazon SF4000 - - ( Code : Silkyslim416 )</p> <p>CND Amazon SF7000 - - ( Code : Silkyslim416 )</p> <p>SPIDER FARMER GROW TENTS</p> <p>Spider Farmer 2x4 Grow Tent - - ( Code : Silkyslim416)</p> <p>Spider Farmer 3x3 Grow Tent - - (Code : Silkyslim416 )</p> <p>Spider Farmer 5x5 Grow Tent - - ( Code : Silkyslim416 )</p> <p>You Can Always Follow Or Message Me on any of these other socials or just drop me a line and let me know how your gardens going you can even send me a pic.</p> <p>Instagram - @SilkySlim416</p> <p>Twitter - @Sslim416</p> <p>SnapChat - @SilkySlim416</p> <p>TheWeedTube -@SilkySlim416</p> <p>FaceBook - SilkySlim416</p> <p>For Brand/Media/Sponsorships/Promos Only Email: SilkySlim416@GMAIL.COM</p> <p>Instrumental created by <a href="">@Sypooda</a>‚Äč</p>