'China dreaming of Joe Biden': Donald Trump slams rival | US elections 2020

Donald Trump took potshots at his rival, Joe Biden, as Presidential elections in the United States of America loom closer. Trump, the serving President, said that US' traditional rivals like China and Iran are 'dreaming' of Joe Biden becoming the Commander-in-Chief. Trump's tenure has been marked with confrontations with both China and Iran. He has accused China of failing to stop the Covid outbreak from spreading across the world. He also led the US into a trade war with Beijing and the two nations have only reached a 'phase 1' deal after protracted negotiations. Trump has also toughened America's stance on Chinese expansionist aspirations, especially in the South China Sea. With Iran, Trump's offensive began with an exit from the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action - a deal aimed at limiting Tehran's nuclear programme signed by Barack Obama. In January 2020, US forces killed top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani over allegations of a terror plot. Tehran responded with an arrest warrant against Trump. Watch the full video for more.